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New Products and Tutorials

Today we're launching a number of exciting new products. These are just the beginning of an extended range that we'll be adding to in the coming weeks and months.

We have also added two new tutorials.


The BR-LPC1769-Ethernet development board is based on the LPC1769 ARM Cortex-M3 processor from NXP. Running at speeds of up to 120MHz with generous on-chip flash and RAM, this is a very capable microcontroller.

The board is designed as a low cost but high performance development tool, which can be easily expanded.

This board can run a lightweight webserver allowing remote monitoring and control applications.

There are two versions of the BR-LPC1769; the BR-LPC1769 and the BR-LPC1769-Ethernet. Both feature the USB and pin headers, but only the BR-LPC1769-Ethernet is fitted with the Ethernet hardware.


The BR-LPC1769 development board is based on the BR-LPC1769-Ethernet but with the Ethernet components removed. This provides a even lower cost option if you are not interested in using Ethernet.

FT232RL Breakout Board

The FT232RL is a popular and widely supported USB to UART IC that is used in a number of applications. The breakout board connects to a PC via a mini-USB connector and is available as a virtual comm port.

The breakout board has all the components required for the IC to function. It is powered via USB and the interface voltage can be selected between 3.3V and 5V by the on-board jumper.

This board can also be used as a programmer for NXP's range of ARM processors using the ISP bootloader.

ARM JTAG Adapter

This adapter board can be used to connect an ARM Cortex board using the 10-way 1.27mm connector or a board using a 20-way 1.27mm connector to a standard debugger / programmer.

New Tutorials

We have added two tutorials to our new tutorials section.

These tutorials are aimed at helping people get started using the GNU toolchain. This is a very powerful and free software development toolchain.

We have a number of additional tutorials under way that will be available soon.

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